i sent him a letter from rotan, texas with a picture of me sighin drawn on the outside.
it said bein with you is bein married to a fire burnin through the best years of my life.
and my family's in town for the rattlesnakes and they all wanna know where the hell is mamma's ring.
i pawned it in Snyder but i didn't tell em cause that's what you asked uh me.

and we been survivin, but i'm ready to be livin.
cause i grown tired of cryin away all the time that i been given.

well i guess a real man would stay his ass home but i ain't real good at bein a real good man.
and the worst thing i done was tell you i was in love when what i meant to say is i was scared to be alone.
well you're a good-lookin woman, you deserve to be happy, so don't pine for me no more.

cause you say we're survivin, but girl i call this dyin.
a year and you'll be smilin bout the chance that you been given.

and the particles of the universe that make me who i am.
they've been evil forever and will always be while the world i know expands.
but if they ever return to make a life in this mesquite thorn ridden land

meet me in iraan.