Lead singer-songwriter Dominic Solis inherited his guitar from his underground jazz-gang ancestor, Thelonious Punk. Thomas Damron's bass was the last one standing at a liquidation sale in Wisconsin and possesses prophetic powers. Nick Kukowski volunteered on a student archaeological dig one summer and uncovered his banjo from a  50's era nuclear fallout chest buried 12 feet underground. Heidi Garcia's violin was a gift from her first roommate, who she rescued from an oncoming train. She got the bow from a Bruce Molsky fan club subscription. Mike Rothschild was finally able to assemble the last piece for a complete drum-set 3 years ago after clipping enough cereal box coupons. Omar Reyna's electric guitar showed up in the backseat of his truck the morning after he predicted the alien abduction of his teenage nephew from a Tarot Card Reading. Oscar Gomez cashed-in 26,000 arcade tickets for his trumpet after a miraculous ski-ball machine glitch. He still credits it to good Karma. And Cass Brostad was born with the accordion, but had her voice stolen and locked in a seashell when she was 16. She got it back after fighting a sea-witch for it in a hurricane.