Long Time No Blog!

At Rachel's request, I am making a new blog post. I've had tons of interesting ideas about titles and topics, but my laziness beat out all of them. So, here's a quick rambling update.

1. Lineup Change

Ms. Jocelyn White is our new violin player. Mr. Nick Kukowski has picked up the banjo and Sir Cameron Cummings is playing lead guitar. If you see them at a show, please buy them a shot and welcome them to the band. Or, if you snuck your whiskey into the show (as we often do) give em a swig from your water bottle and a pat on the back.

Chuck Short is no longer our lead guitar player. I say he was fired, he says he quit. One thing is for sure, we're all still great friends! He's currently my roommate and resident drinking buddy. 

2. Time

It appears as though I have less and less time to make music. I got a new job. I really enjoy it, but it's very demanding. Our calendar is noticeably sparse because of this. It's not that I don't have time for shows, because it's easy to get a couple hours on the weekend. What I don't have is enough time to practice or write new material. If we put on a show, I want to make sure it's a good show. No point in inviting everyone to a shitty show. I hate when we sound like crap. I don't want to subject anyone to that.

A lot of people tell me "Who cares if it sounds bad? Everyone will have a good time and no one will even notice but you! How did you get so sexy?" I always have them same answer- reconstructive surgery, and I don't care if no one can tell, I can tell. I want to put on a good show. I want to write and play good songs, I want to keep getting better. If I'm not proud of what I'm making, I don't think I should present it to people as my art. I'm not saying everything we do is great, but I do want it to be the best we're capable of. We're not an attention factory, we're musicians. I want to make good music. the result, fewer shows, better quality (hopefully:).

3. We Still Suck at Marketing,

But We're OK With That, Kinda.

We should be reaching more people. We should be playing bigger venues. We should be getting more media attention. These things aren't really happening, but we're not bitter. It's not anyone's fault but ours. This blog post is one example of that. I should write something cool about a show, or about the band's past so people can relate, but I feel really stupid doing that. Instead, I'm gonna ramble on and make you read a post of unfinished thoughts and rants. It's not very polished, but I really like shit like that! I think it's honest. That's kind of a good excuse for being lazy, and kinda the truth that drives my whole creative process.

We have a lot of very successful friends and they work very hard. I'm not gonna lie, there was a time when I was jealous. I would be like "We're way better than them! Why are they in a commercial, or playing a big show, or getting good write ups?" You know what the answer is? They bust their asses to create opportunities and they deserve every bit of success they have! Also, they're good bands, they practice a shitload, they network, and they believe in their art. I was being a bitter asshole!

I do know all of this to be true, but at the same time, I'm not very interested in working on that stuff. I'm also, not confident enough. Maybe someday I will be. Or, I will have the balls to pay someone to do it for me. Until that day, I wanna write songs I'm proud of, hang out with my friends and family, and relax a little. Just because all of those other things aren't happening doesn't mean the music isn't good. I'm content with the state of things. I get to watch my son grow up, spend time with the ones I love, play awesome shows, and not be crushed under the wave of anxiety that accompanies me asking someone to please listen to my music. It's a win win!

Lastly, Thank you!!

To everyone who enjoys the music, thank you so much! Even though I can be a whiny bitch sometimes, we're not looking for anyone to feel sorry for us. Our goal is to make good music and entertain you! We're both confident and insecure, so thank you for being an audience we feel we can be honest with. You da best!

Hope to see you at a show soon!

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