Andrew Covers SXSW - Part II


Sometimes, I want out. I enrolled in community college this summer, to go back to major in PRACTICAL COLLEGE DEGREE. I am still yet to register and doubt I will, not right now anyway. So here I am.

Without going into the gory details, Madisons has impacted me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. We’ve made some beautiful noise. We’ve done some dumbass stuff. I’ve met some really cool people who will never leave my heart. Also, I’ve burned some bridges. Profound impact? Yes, and not all of it good… but sometimes, great. Last night, at SXSW, was one of the great moments. It made me think: stick around, dude, one more tour, another show, another album.

If one of my composition students had written the above, back when I had students, I would probably scribble into the margin: “Where’s your thesis?” If one of my creative writing students wrote it, I might ask what lends this piece unity? I can’t answer those questions, but I guess this is a letter to the band, and to our fans (again: hi, Chris! Hi, Sal!, hey, Cara!), that I guess I’m not doing much else for a little while longer, so why not this?

Sorry for the intimate, gushy post. I know, I know, there's not much SXSW coverage here, and I ought to just print this out and glue it into a diary or something. Next time I’ll write about, I don’t know, say, the closing down of clubs downtown, the movement of the scene over to the east side, the impact of the GOP Primary on local music, something lofty, heady, relevant. Until then,


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