Letter From Karen

Hi Dominic – I wanted to send you this note to let you and the band know what an amazing impact you had on the people you met here in Canada at our street bash. We threw that party for the sole purpose of you being in town, but what you gave us that day was so much more – and we thank you!

When I tell people who couldn’t make it that we had a band play at the party, they are impressed and wish they could have been there. When I tell them all the stories – Jocelyn facepainting with the kids…Oscar & Jocelyn taking the time to nurture the musical spirit of a young violinist and a sax player…all of you letting us be “musicians” with you…the autographs…how much the band enjoyed interacting with our friends – that makes people get a bit teary every time. As I go on to tell them how much fun it was to watch a group of talented musicians who are on their way up, performing with the energy and passion of ones who have music in their blood, they get the same smile on their faces that I have now just thinking about that day.  

All this to say that I really want you guys to know how much we enjoyed not only your music but your presence here with us “up north”. Glad you had a good time on your first time in Canada…hope you see you again.

As an aside, we have had the funniest “Madisons” moments with the kids since you left:

-          Megan was beside herself that Maria left behind her pink bow hair clip…and she wears it ALL THE TIME.

-          The girls still talk about Mustache Man all the time (ya Nick!).

-          The girls almost came to blows over who would get to keep the sunglasses that were left behind. To your corners, ladies…

-          Megan has decided that when we get her a new bike soon, she has to keep the seat…because it was signed by the AMAZING GODDESS JOCELYN.

-          Eva (the little violin player) wears her cap every day…because the VIOLIN GODDESS signed that too.

-          They proudly wear their shirts all the time and explain to everyone who you are.

-          Emily feels like she is best friends with Kelly, as they “hung out” together for ages.

-          The girls both play their CD’s all the time and know pretty much all the words now.

-          I hear them telling all their friends that a famous band stayed at their house…and when none of their friends believe them, they are so pissed. It’s hilarious.

We have some great pics which I am not sure if AJ sent you yet. If not, I’ll make sure to pass them along too.

OK, I am totally rambling now so will sign off – appreciate you listening to the comments of a music-lovin’ mama in Canada…

Take care and say hi to everyone – also congrats on your album launch party – sounded like a huge success.

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