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Hey Madisons Family,

This is Mike speaking. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Madisons’ newest member (I play drums), and I thought I’d take some time to fill you in on my impressions of being in this band, including some highlights of what we’ve been calling our “Summer of Madisons.” I also want to mention how insanely lucky and blessed I am to be surrounded and respected by people who love life and music as much, or even more, than I do.  

Throughout the summer, we’ve been promoting and showcasing the music from our newest album, You Can Take Your Sorry Ass Back To West Texas!  It’s been a crazy couple of months, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.

It all began on a flight in June to Toronto. During our 10-day stay there, we played an official NXNE (that’s the Canadian version of SXSW) show and a huge BBQ in the suburbs for some amazing fans.  We got to see Niagara falls and a bunch of really great NXNE bands. We found out that alcohol is expensive and hard to find, but the natives are crazy partiers!

We came back to Austin and prepared for our CD release show at the Saxon Pub at the beginning of July. Known as one of the best sounding venues in Austin, as well as being iconic, we wanted to make sure we put on a good show there.  I think we were all more than surprised when we found out that a line had formed outside of the Saxon!! First, the venue sent some staff home because they'd never heard of us (almost nobody in Austin has). They bar quickly became overwhelmed and over crowded, so they stopped letting people in. After that was under control, the doors reopened and the venue quickly filled to capacity, leaving another line outside. Screaming fans, drunk people knocking over our stage monitors, Dom’s awesome stories about his dad, and a brief banjo-jam to the tune of “Tiny Dancer;” how could that not have been an amazing night!

We just came back from a mini-tour, where we played three shows (plus 2 acoustic after-shows) packed into three nights. We crammed into the back of a van (along with all our gear) and drove 10 hours to Springfield, Missouri, where we played a show for a fan of Madisons, who was celebrating his 40th birthday.  Ben and his girlfriend, Liz, have been fans of the band since it was known as Jubal’s Lawyer, and we had the opportunity to play at their local (and badass) bar.  The two of them were beyond hospitable, and we still can’t get over the fact that they put us all up in their house, each of us with our own bed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN!

The next night, we had our Denton CD release show at Rubber Gloves, where we played at a great venue with amazing musicians, including George Neal and The Holler Time. Also, and much more important, this was the night that Oscar’s foot and Jocelyn’s violin became viral video stars (if you have not watched this, and especially if you already have, do so now): 

Everyone who came out to see us at the Dallas CD release the next night got to watch us, along with J. Charles and the Trainrobbers and Telegraph Canyon, play to a 200+ crowd at Club Dada in Deep Ellum. I cannot express how intoxicating it is to play for a room with that much energy!  Although, to be perfectly honest, it may not have been the crowd that was responsible for our intoxication…  That night, at the after party, Dom got to play and sing as much as he wanted without fear of killing his voice, as we had already played our last show, and the rest of the band all accompanied him at different parts of the night with our acoustic instruments (I finally got a chance to play my cajon!).  Needless to say, the drive back to Austin on Sunday was rough, especially for Nick, who did not sleep all night and I’m pretty sure never put down his banjo (gotta impress the banj-hoes, right?).

What’s even the craziest is that two days after we got back to Austin, and despite our lack of sleep and just general exhaustion, we were all stoked to work on new music that might end up on a potential new album!! Music never sleeps!  

We are really excited to finish off “Summer of Madisons” at The Blackheart on Rainy Street this Saturday night.  If you can make it, there’s no cover and we go on at 11:00!!! 


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