Why a blog you ask?

Because we suck at Twitter mostly.

If you're following us, or worse yet, know us personally, then you already know we're TERRIBLE at marketing ourselves. We're not good at promoting shows, or even booking them, but we make some pretty good music.

We started out making songs for ourselves and slowly got better at it (in our opinion). The plan is, and always has been, just to make something we would be proud to show our friends and family, but ultimately we'd like to impress ourselves. All of us are kind of weirded out by the idea that only big time rockstars with the Clear Channel get to make music, especially when some of our favorite artists rarely get radio play.

This isn't our life. Most of us have very time consuming jobs and families. Rest assured, we are not delusional. However, we do work very hard at this and have had a lot of fun making music we all enjoy.

Our biggest dilemma is creating this band and being scared that everyone thinks we are wanna-be rockstars. We don't have the heart to leave up a bio (we hate bios). We are very insecure about sharing any of this at all. But, if we're gonna do this, we might as well do it right.

We've been very lucky that some things have gone well for us (the album is coming along great)! Some things have been harder, but stuff happens. We're still terrified by the whole booking shows process but it bothers us less and less. To date we've had 10 people quit the band, but that's the way it goes.

We are complete DIY. We have 1 tuner for the whole band, but we manage; we're scrappy!

We hope you guys enjoy what you hear and we plan on doing this as long as we reasonably can. We're not making a ton of money, but we're having a lot of fun! That's plenty!

Thanks for reading,


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