Madison's Press

“An album packed full of solid tunes. ... They are too good to be just tossed in the mix with the few thousand bands out there fighting for an audience. ”

— No Depression

"Similar to many people’s favorite album of last year, though (Jason Isbell’s Southeastern), You Can Take Your Sorry Ass Back To West Texas! rewards multiple listens. Like good film noir, you just have to keep going back to see more of the ne’er-do-wells."


“Raw energy and passion that’s infectious and sincere.”

— Austin American-Statesman

“Madisons’ second album, the awesomely-titled You Can Take Your Sorry Ass Back To West Texas!, revels in both beauty and ugliness. ... While Solis sings of desperate characters, the trumpet and fiddle help the song explode like a long-lost Uncle Tupelo deep cut.”

— KUTX Austin

“True to Indie, many of the players in Madisons are investigating new sounds with new instruments, and the excitement that feeling of conquest it gives to a musician can be clearly heard in the songs on You Can Take Your Sorry Ass Back to West Texas!.”

— The Alternate Root Magazine

“A true onion of an album that reveals more with each listen.”

— Bucket Full of Nails

"It's an all-around superb record that should rival even the biggest Americana releases of 2014."

— The Music Enthusiast

"You begin to ask yourself if the characters reflect the true makeup of the given town or could they be from anywhere and still be the same? Regardless, Solis has a way of storytelling and revealing characters unlike most."

— New Slang

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